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The TAOS Network provides a variety of auditing, training, and consulting services. The aim of each service is to provide pragmatic solutions to social compliance issues facing each participant in the supply chain. TAOS services are based on the guiding belief that effective remediation is born out of synergistic conversation between a social compliance professional, the managerial staff, and the
workers. The object of such a conversation is to produce an assessment of the supplier and a plan for remediation that is attuned to the ground working conditions, while reflecting the brand's code of conduct values.

Above all, the services described below reflect the diverse experiences of the TAOS Network: that a humane workplace environment is a necessary pre-condition for enhancing productivity.

Auditing Services

TAOS Network is composed of a team with a combined 50-year experience conducting audits in China and South Asia.

The audits are the by-product of a triangular approach: on-site inspection of the factory complex, documentation review, and extensive interviews of management, supervisory staff, and most critically workers on and off the production site.

The result is an accessible, yet thorough report that includes a

  • Sophisticated profile of the factory, with an eye towards placing the factory in the context of local conditions.
  • In-Depth analysis of the workers' regular and overtime wages and hours.
  • Detailed assessment of the compliance level of the personnel policies at the factory.
  • Careful monitoring of the health and safety and labor conditions at the factory, with special attention to issues of harassment
         and child labor.
  • The Compliance Action Plan (CAP) was driven by the impassioned commitment of the TAOS Network to make a real difference in the circumstances of the workers worldwide.

    The CAP is to include information contained in the TAOS audit report plus management is provided with the pragmatic steps to help the factory achieve full compliance. And crucially, the plan is to be an outgrowth of a conversation between the auditors and management, and workers.

    The CAP is designed to attain the following three objectives:

  • To provide an accurate assessment of conditions on the ground.
  • To offer the supplier a pragmatic plan to achieve full compliance.
  • Most importantly, to begin the requisite process by which all major stakeholders—the owners, management, workers—may realize      their individual stake in successfully implementing the remediation plan.
  • Going beyond the typical top-down approach—the monitoring organization directing the supplier on the achievement of compliance, TAOS's value contribution is the outgrowth of a conversation facilitated by the tools provided in the CAP and led by an experienced team of TAOS auditors.

    Please contact us for a detailed description of the different types of audits we provide.

    Training Services

    The TAOS Network provides the following training programs:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Training
  • Internal Auditors' Training Program
  • Vendors' Compliance Training
  • Worker-Training Program
  • All training programs are customized according to on-site conditions and in response to specific requests.

    An on-site training may have a dramatically different focus, ranging from a concern with the management of work hours to an engagement with the challenging issue of motivating management and workers to achieve results.

    Trainings provided by the TAOS Network are based on the principle that an effective training provides management and workers with the tools and knowledge to achieve social compliance. It must enlist ownership, management, and workers as active stakeholders who see their roles as partners in attaining the standards specific to the brand's Code of Conduct. TAOS Network is committed to developing such partnership solutions.

    Please contact us for a detailed description of the different types of trainings we provide.

    Consulting Services

    We recognize that the most appropriate remediation tool is often a one-to-one meeting between
    the TAOS consultant and factory management.

    TAOS consultants have extensive experience in the social compliance field and is prepared
    to guide factory management in selecting the best practice towards achieving a positive
    relationship with its customers and buyers.

    Our consulting services are targeted for supplier-factories and may be provided on-or off-site (through email, telephone or fax). These services include:

  • Compliance Consultation for Suppliers
  • Compliance Action Plan (CAP): Development and Implementation
  • Issue-Specific Consultation
  • Each component of our program is consistent with the aim of the TAOS Network to develop in management, ownership, and the workers a shared stake in obtaining positive results on the global assembly line.

    Please contact us for a detailed description of our consulting services.

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