To promote, enable and focus resources in global supplier networks toward creating a
humane production workplace through monitoring, training and mentoring. 


Corporate social responsibility is a commitment to practice, service, and reflects an emerging emphasis on the importance of social values in the business context. While influences may come from the external environment, sustainable CSR involves the internal transformation of key players, including the workers themselves.


To facilitate the transformation process, we investigate workplace environments to establish and determine the causes of compliance violations; design and conduct appropriate training and mentoring interventions. Programs are designed that best fit CSR stakeholders' interests and concerns, the implementing organization's needs, capabilities and limitations, with the end goal of creating a humane workplace. 


The TAOS Network is composed of professionals with over 50 years collective experience in organizational management, social development, human and labor rights, and social compliance in the Asian region. Our people are social compliance pioneers and field practitioners based in China and throughout Southeast Asia. 

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